Monday, April 7, 2014

March: TJ Bennett - FCA Utes!

Q) Where are you from?
A) Mesa, AZ  

Q) What sport do you play?

A) I played football, basketball, and baseball growing up and throughout high school. I love playing pick-up games of just about any sport.  

Q) How did you hear about FCA?

A) I was a part of FCA at my high school. When I moved to Utah I really felt led to get involved and help lead the new FCA huddle on campus.  

Q) How has FCA impacted your life both on and off the field?

A) When I'm on the field it has been cool to be able to talk to opposing team players about FCA and hear what they have at their campuses. It is a constant reminder for me of what I stand for when I'm playing. 

Off the field it has given people something to label me as. I love being labeled as the "Christian athlete" or "the guy in charge of FCA." I am constantly talking to other athletes about coming to our huddle  
Q) School/Team?
A) U of Utah, Baseball
Q) Favorite post game treat? 
A) I have a huge sweet tooth, so I can always go for a shake or ice cream after a game.  
Q) Favorite Bible verse? 
A) Romans 1:16 It is a constant reminder for me to live a life that is unashamed of Jesus. I know what He has done for me, and I want to live a life that shares that with others. 

Q) Favorite movie?

A) I am a sucker for a good love story and message in the movie. The Lucky One and For Love of the Game are two that I would consider favorites.