Monday, June 9, 2014

May - Ruger Barber - FCA Northern Utah!

Q) Where are you from?

A) Plain City, UT

Q) What sports do you play?

A) I play baseball, used to play basketball, and I play other sports when I'm not in comp baseball like ultimate frisbee, some flag football and golf!

Q) What team do you play for?

A) I go to Freemont High, plan on starting a huddle there this fall. I play baseball for the Freemont Silver Wolves.

Q) How did you hear about FCA?

A) Through our family friend Bill Schorr

Q) How has FCA impacted your life on and off the field?

A) I have seen changes in how I play baseball now, not to glorify my team, or me, or anything like that, but to glorify God and say how I'm playing for Him and everything I do is for His glory.

Q) Favorite post game treat?

A) Definitely a footlong Subway sub before and after the game!

Q) Favorite Bible passage?

A) Romans 8:31 "If God is for us who can be against us?"

Q) Favorite movie?

A) Have to go with "The Lone Survivor". Marcus Lattrell is a hero of mine, not only because he is a Christian, but because of his dedication to please God.

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